H2O2 Therapy, Lyme’s Disease, and an Inspirational Story

When you’re in the business of selling H2O2 which is hydrogen peroxide for whitening teeth and alternative medicine, you begin to hear the same stories of people who have recently discovered food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy and are using it to change their lives. However, every once in a while I hear a story and I just can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotions, coming to terms with how real everything we’re doing is and how much of an impact using H2O2 therapy has on some peoples’ lives.

Just the other day I was in my favorite alternative health doctor’s office, sitting in one of the four big comfy black leather chairs in the lobby having my 3% H202 solution inserted into my arm (which may end up being a whole new blog post in itself). A surprisingly healthy looking lady(unlike a normal doctors office where everyone is sick and miserable, people at this kind of office actually look happy and healthy) sitting across from me, eventually let curiosity get the best of her and asked me “What was in your IV bag and how long have you been coming here?”.

“Hydrogen Peroxide!” I happily replied, “This is only my second treatment, but I’ve been coming here for about 3 months”. Before I could continue on about the H202 therapy, she began to tell me her story. Although everyone who has changed their lives with Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy loves to share their story and spread the word, I believe she was specifically trying to give me words of encouragement.

“I’ve had Lyme’s disease for over 15 years. I have been very sick; a few years back a Lyme’s disease specialist put me on IV antibiotics for over a year. This made me very overweight, sick, and eventually I was even too sick to continue the treatment… and I still had Lyme’s disease! For a short time after I saw an alternative practitioner but it was not a perfect match and stopped seeing him. About two months ago I was at my all time low. I was tired, sick and didn’t even want to continue living. I had an incurable virus so what was the point?” By this time, I was incredibly shocked by her story considering how healthy and normal she looked now, you would have never guessed it was only just two months ago it happened.

“Then, I had visited a health food store in Lapeer” she continued, “and met this amazing gentleman named L.B. We had begun talking about my condition and I pretty much just broke down. I told him exactly what I’m telling you, that I did not want to live any more. L.B. insisted that I go see his alternative practitioner Dr Megan Strauchman. He had said that Dr. Strauchman had saved his life and he HIGHLY recommended her to me. Just look at me now!” Sue says enthusiastically. “I’ve only been coming here for 6 weeks and I feel like I have a new lease on life. I’m starting to feel like my old self”. Sue then reassured me that I was in good hands with Dr Strauchman

Ironically, she also proceeded to tell me about this remarkable health food store in Lapeer and the educated staff that they had. “If it weren’t for them… I wouldn’t be here and be getting well; I really don’t know what I would have done.” I politely listen to Sue until she stopped talking, commending her on he determination not to give up. I told her my honest opinion, that I didn’t see a sick, overweight, or unhealthy person at all! I saw a beautiful, healthy woman. She was truly an inspiration.

After she had finished her story, I couldn’t help but introducing myself. “I’m Rebekah from Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition Source of Lapeer.” What I happened next, however, would be something I’ll probably never forget for the rest of my life. Tears came out and bonding took place. I am truly thankful for this experience. Sue encouraged me all right, more then she realized. Once again I am assured I have found my path in life. I will continue to do what I feel is right. I have taken the oath to provide the proper information and the highest quality products so that all people can be happy, healthy and free!

Good health to you and your family!!

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs cause much discomfort to many people and are painful & irritating. Getting rid of ingrown hair can be carried out in a number of ways  depending on skin and hair types. Some hair removal methods  if not done properly may cause more ingrown hairs and worsen it.  It’s best to experiment with different types of hair removal, to see which ones work for you.

Common Methods

1. Laser Hair  Removal – uses laser light to destroy the hair follicles, preventing re-growth. Hair removal lasers are effective treatment for pseudofolliculitis barbae (commonly called ingrown hairs or “shaving bumps”). If this procedure is successful, ingrown hairs will be eliminated.

2. Ingrown Hair Solutions or Gel –  Tend Skin and PFB Vanish are  two of  the top ingrown hair treatment solutions for   treating and removing ingrown hairs.

3. Using Tweezers – Sometimes ingrown hairs are not visible and largely under the skin. Most people try to remove these ingrown hairs  but at the same time  they break the skin and this in turn cause more skin irritation. To minimise skin breakage and make ingrown hairs visible, press a hot towel to against the area to soften the skin for several minutes. This helps to bring as much hair to skin surface as possible.  Use sterilized tweezers to gently pluck them out, then treating them with peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Keep skin clean and dry, and they should not return.  Tweezers or needles, gently applied, are how to get rid of ingrown hairs the proper way.

Once you know how to get rid of ingrown hairs, you won’t be trouble by this very common problem again.

Benefits of SmartLipo

There are many people today available exactly who greatly find it difficult to burn up decrease extra fat. Nonetheless, sadly, quite a few don’t achieve recognizing their own desires a versatile together with balanced shape. Undoubtedly: a well-balanced nutritionary exercise in conjunction with exercise utilizes a significant many. Nonetheless, there are several individuals that end up with very little contributes to vengeance on the stress filled together with frustrating work. SmartLipo can be an remarkable plastic course of action of which effortlessly soaks up over junk flesh with the shape, supporting people efficiently lose fat in minutes.

SmartLipo is a marvellous along with the best course of action manufactured by Cynosure that’s totally changed fat deposits stripping method, becoming this undisputed victorious one among the great deal of equivalent alternative operations accessible in a. Even though laser liposuction is actually a extremely favorite plastic surgery observed today,this really is a resolution with how to lose weight fast, using this connection,SmartLipo provides the greatest benefit of simply being the first and the only real lipolysis product that may be aided by way of laser light. SmartLipo is definitely the most appropriate together with non-invasive Laser light Shape Sketching course of action using zero unwanted effects as well as a smaller amount quiet time by utilizing the high-powered laser light.

Beginning Your Very Own Fitness Business enterprise – Things To Realize

The important thing connected with a productive firm is composed of a strong business structure. Having an established plan for exactly how every facet of a small business might run supplies a firm base pertaining to fast employing numerous business projects and ideas. Basic common business skillsets such as planning as well as effective time management organizing, are crucial for having a prosperous fitness business.

In addition, certain business management methods such as establishing fitness requirements, setting and tweaking a company spending plan, and making use of marketing and advertising promotions, are really essential subjects that ought to be looked at and employed.

An excellent fitness trainer, whether managing a section or otherwise, must have a certain list of coaching requirements that he/she comply with. Spending some time setting coaching requirements is extremely important since it helps you to make sure every single client is properly looked after as well as safeguarding the client and the instructor from likely problems. For example, requiring a coach to maintain substantially recorded details on each appointment that they carry out for a client is useful for many reasons. One, it will help a customer when ever their trainer cannot be present for any session. It offers the customer the chance to think back on their own records and don’t forget how you can carry out their exercise sessions. In addition it offers the chance to look back and even review what has worked well and has not necessarily did the trick for the client. This could be necessary for aiding the client accomplish their set goals more rapidly.