Fast Food Chain Reviews Papa Johns

Papa John’s is a franchise-based pizza chain that purports to have over 3,000 restaurants around the world.  They are led by their enthusiastic and commercial-starring founder, “Papa” John Schnatter.  The pizza provider is really not a sit-down restaurant, but instead distributes their menu through delivery and carry-out.  Major competitors to Papa John’s would include pizza providers such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Little Caesar’s, all of whom provide relatively low-cost pizza delivery services to the general public.  Here are a few details on the strengths, weaknesses, and offerings of Papa John’s Pizza.

Main offerings

The Papa John’s menu is fairly similar to other pizza establishments.  Customers can order various sizes and customize their pizza with different meats and other toppings.  Papa’s John’s has a regular and a thin crust, and people can split their toppings between sides of the pizza if they wish.  As with other pizza establishments that have begun to expand their menu, Papa John’s also offers wings, chicken, strips, breadsticks, salads, beverages, and dessert pizzas.  The Papa John’s menu does not tend to be the cheapest, but it is also not the most expensive.  There are typically online or coupon “specials” that customers can use on a regular basis.  

Sides and unique traits

Papa John’s does add a couple of unique twists to their pizza.  Each pizza is typically delivered with few pepperoncini’s in the box, which can be put on the pizza or just eaten.  In addition, the box will usually come with two small tubs of liquid garlic butter.  Some people will drizzle this over the pizza slices, while other people will dip their pizza crusts into the butter.  This is not necessarily the most healthy strategy, but it is rather tasty. 

Access and comparisons 

Overall, Papa John’s is a quality establishment that makes a respectable pizza.  The company advertises with a slogan of “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” though pizza of this type often comes down to personal preferences.  Some people are loyal to the taste of certain pizza delivery restaurants.  Papa John’s is also similar to other chain establishments in that customers can order their pizza online and have it delivered straight to their door.  If people are looking for a good delivery pizza, Papa John’s is certainly an option to consider.