Identifying The Breed

Dog lovers are preoccupied with the different dog breeds the same way that the fashion conscious are fixated with name brands. The value of the dogs depends on its breeds and the dogs considered as purebreds are on top of the list.

Generally, dog breeds were incorporated to give distinctive characteristics to certain classifications, thus, resulting to a substantial number of varieties.

However, people who breed dogs often find it hard to detect the specific characteristic of the resulting species. Some pups in breeding farms will be born with little similarities with their parents.

It is not enough that a puppy is produced from a recognized breed, but it must also show the same set of characteristic traits and appearance of its parents. If purebreds like black haired Retrievers are mated, its puppies are supposed to be similarly black coated.

However, there are instances that retrievers produce puppies that have yellow coats. Hence, cases like this are not considered by the known Kennel clubs. The breeders sometimes choose to euthanize the flawed puppies to prevent their proliferation and to preserve the purity of the officially recognized breed.

This particular issue has long been debated by many dog experts and scientists because of the fact that there are certain instances wherein genetic consequences may intervene.

It is also contended that dog breeds are not based on specific scientific fact and even DNA testing cannot identify nor establish the specific dog breeds. So, the chances of getting a purebred dog are not that common.

Source: second-option-doctor