Papa Johns Pizza Pizza best Pizza

The second best pizza I have had

Thanks to the economical recession my local estate agent closed door 2 years ago and left an empty shop for long time. Last March finally a new business took over it and gladly it’s one branch of Papa John’s.

What is Papa John’s:

Papa John’s is the third largest Louisville, Kentucky. With the slogan “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” it has spread 3300 establishments in over 30 countries including the USA and the UK.

How to order it:

Similar to many pizza chains you can order online via their website, over the phone from their menu or go to the shop to personally order. Their website is easily navigated. You just type in your post code then you will find the nearest one. From the online menu you can simply choose what products you would like. Once you pay your order via debit or credit card Papa John’s will  deliver to your door within 30 minutes of your order being placed. Ordering via phone is just as similar as on line. At the shop in general you need to wait for 15 minutes at most for your order given the popularity.

What’s the choice?

At Papa John’s you have great variety of pizzas and accompaniments to choose at reasonable prices. There are four crust choices: 6 slices, 8 slices, 10 slices and 12 slices, on which you can create your own pizza or order from Papa’s classics, Papa’s favourites and  Papa’s finest. No matter you are a vegetarian or spicy food lover you can always find one. Last but not least if you can’t decide which one you are happy with or you want to try more you can order two different half pizzas in a go. You also have thin base or deep pan base to choose depending on your pizza size. There are a number of side orders that you can have with your pizza such as Garlic Pizza Bread, Cheesy Jalapeno, Bites Chicken Dippers, BBQ Chicken Wings, etc.

My first experience:

Admittedly I love pizza very much and have tried many different pizzas, such as Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, supermarket brands and local pizzas, but it’s my first time to know Papa John’s when the new one was opened around my area. When I saw the shop design and the name I didn’t have any interest in it to be honest. They were not remarkable to my taste, in opposite they looked very country with green and red colours in a board. However when I received their leaflet at my home and knew they are having ‘buy one get one free’ promotion for two months, I decided to give it a whirl. So after a couple of opening days I popped into my local Papa John’s.

It was a dinner time and they were quite busy. There were two staff in front of a short counter, one was answering the phone orders, the other one was dealing with customers in person. The shop was clean, bright but not big. There were a few customers waiting for their orders. I noticed the staff dealing with customers was very friendly and talkative, who introduced customers to their products clearly and efficiently, but other staff obviously were inexperienced with their works in some ways. Consequently waiting for 40 minutes I finally took my pizza home. 

The pizzas themselves by all means were very tasty. The base were soft with the natural toasted taste of whole grain. The toppings looked  very fresh and eye appealing. I had one named All THE MEATS and one named PAPA’s PEPPERONI PLUS in the range of Papa’s favourites. The All THE MEATS one was really meaty with ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon and spicy beef in a perfect combination; the PAPA’s PEPPERONI PLUS one had very qualified pepperoni, mushrooms and onions. I was really impressed by the great authentic taste of pepperoni. It’s the first time I felt pepperoni is a fine food, rather than an ordinary sausage. However the dips I chose for my pizzas were really disappointing. They had a very strange smells and tastes mixing garlic and sour cream. Luckily the pizzas were tasty enough without them.

My opinions:

Before I wrote a review about Domino’s pizza, in which I said I’m a Domino’s fan. To me Domino’s makes the best pizza in the world. However after tasting Papa John’s now I’m not very sure with my previous statement. If there must be a champion I would still vote Domino’s, but Papa John’s would be the second one, with a little distance from the best. To me they both are tasty, fresh and healthy, but Domino’s base is more chewing and less stodgy.

Since the new Papa John’s opened I have visited it quite regularly. Because there are so many options for me to have, and their offers are really generous. Not like Domino’s , in which you can just have ‘buy one get one free’ offer on Tuesday, at Papa John’s you can have the offer every day, at least it seems like that so far. Their pizzas are priced similarly with Domino’s and my local pizza shop, but the flexible offers and wide options made it in advantage to grab my attention, especially on Thursday and Friday, which usually are my take away days. Incidentally after a few weeks running their staff are more skilled and their service is provided more efficiently.

So I would definitely recommend Papa John’s  to anyone who like pizza because it is a freshly made, tasty and healthy take away food.