Product Reviews Sangaria Ramune

Once again I have taken a voyage to’s Japanese section to taste their wares. This time, I decided to sample a Japanese soft drink. The reviews on the product page made me a little skeptical at first. It was allegedly a “faint knockoff of Sprite…” I attempted to read a few more reviews before making my final purchase. Other users also commented on the faint reminder of Sprite, but also how refreshingly good it was compared to American soft drinks.I decided then it was now, or never. Even though I personally assumed it would taste like flavored water or club soda, I made a very wise decision in deciding to try it anyway.

A few days (and a week) later, my double order of Ramune soft drink arrived. Thanks to the freezing cold weather, it was also perfectly chilled and ready for a taste test. The bottle itself is a challenge to get in to. Many of comsumers who had tried it made sure to let this be known. It’s actually very hard to explain. To open the bottle, you have to push down on a clear marble on the top of the bottom. An opener is provided with the bottle. It’s a small, plastic neon green thing; and you’d expect it to do nothing. Given a little force, the bottle opens with a smacking sound and white (yet safe) steam rises from the opened container.

Let me tell you; the first sip is what will get you hooked. Not only is this soft drink healthy; (little sugar, few carbs)but it is just the right amount of sweet, fizzy, and a little tart. It’s not as sugary or as strong as some of the lemon-lime sodas we have here in America. (I repeat this because it is true to the comments made on the page.) I was totally amazed. I am a true to life sugar fanatic. This light hint of sweetness was perfect for me. Some people may say it is a little bland; but I’ve also tested this on family members with whom I thought would say the same. my thirteen-year old cousin (who has a sweet tooth compatible with mine) absolutely loved them as much as I did. Since the flavoring isn’t as powerful as most things he drinks, I actually thought he’d throw it out. All in all, Sangaria Ramune soft drink is quite the Japanese treat.