The Shocking Special Ingredient to Gilpin Family Whiskey Revealed

Gilpin Family Whiskey may not be one of the best known brands available on the market, and now that the Gilpin Family Whiskey’s shocking secret ingredient has been leaked – no pun intended – it may never really take off and replace better known brands. The secret ingredient in Gilpin Family whiskey is urine. Not just any urine though, it has to be the urine of  a type-two diabetic.

James Gilpin who is a biomedical researcher is also the brains behind the Gilpin Family Whiskey secret recipe. As gross as it may sound to some, Gilpin Family Whiskey may actually be found suitable for export and is completely safe to drink aside from the normal side effects of alcohol.  The urine that is used is collected primarily from elderly volunteers with diabetes, including Gilpin’s own grandmother.

The reason type-two diabetic urine is used is because is chock full of sugar. He also points out that this is truer among elderly type-two diabetics which is why he only uses their urine as opposed to the urine of any diabetic. Scientifically speaking it is all correct, but it has yet to garner much attention as an actual beverage which is why it is being marketed as more of a curiosity piece at this time. Gilpin does however hold hope that one day soon that will all change. It is even possible that Gilpin Family Whiskey could be dubbed as a “green consumable” as the harvesting of sugar from urine is technically recycling.

Gilpin explains that the collected urine is purified using the same process as is employed when main water is purified. He then removes the sugar molecules, which are particularly rich in diabetic urine, and adds them to the mash. Whiskey blends are then added to provide color, viscosity, and taste to the previously clear alcohol. What is kind of creepy is that the name and age of the urine contributor are put on the bottle. For example, you could be drinking a John Doe 66 and maybe even build a whole John Doe collection as he continues to age. Maybe that is so people can compare vintages?

There are no plans for wide or traditional distribution of Gilpin Family Whiskey at this time. If however you would care to get your hands on a bottle, it may be possible by contacting Gilpin directly via his website. That all depends on where you live as Gilpin Family Whiskey may not be able to be sent to all countries. While there, you can also view some photos of his distillery, read up on diabetes, and get a peek at upcoming projects.

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