The Wines of Burgundy France

France is well-known for its wines. Many of the world’s best known high quality wines come from France. It is no wonder that French wines are very popular as this country has a long history of making wine. French winemakers have been constantly perfecting their craft since ancient times. They still continue to do so. And the wines of the Burgundy region are amongst the finest in the whole world.

Brief history

The region of Burgundy has a tradition of winemaking dating back to ancient times. The oldest known documents mentioning the local wine date as far back as 312 AD. However, it is probable that vineyards could be found here even further into the past.

Of course, the production of wine did not cease after that, though the next known documents come from later medieval times. At those times, the wine mentioned in documents was mostly made by monks. However, it is almost certain that many other landowners grew grapes as well. Vineyards of Burgundy were indeed very important as king Charles VI enacted an edict specifying boundaries of the region as a wine producing area in 1416. The production continued since then and Burgundy still remains one of the most famous and important wine producing regions in France.

Vineyards and production

Vineyards cover a huge area of the Burgundy region. In fact, the official website devoted to local wines states that vineyards cover an area of nearly 29 500 hectares. This is indeed a lot. The size of production is equally as high. The region produces about 200 million bottles of wine a year.

There are several varieties of grapes being grown on local vineyards. Some of them are more important than others. For example, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Chardonnay and Aligote are the most significant varieties. On the other hand, Tressot and Cesar varieties are not as widely used.

Variety of wines

There are 112 wine businesses in the Burgundy region producing many different types of wine, though the number of individual vine growers is several times higher than that. Search on the official website revealed close to 1000 different vine growers.

Official website

An interesting fact is that there is an official website devoted to wines of the Burgundy region. There you can find a lot of information about the history of vine growing in the region, grape varieties, process of making wine, different types of wine, local vine growers and their wines. Checking out the website is a must for every fan of the wine.

To conclude, wine has been produced in Burgundy since ancient times. Local vineyards produce huge amounts of high quality wines every year. There is even an official website devoted to this region’s wines. This website provides a lot of interesting and useful information.


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