Tips for Bagging your Groceries

Bagging up groceries is always a problem especially if the supermarket is busy. One can be pressurised into rushing and food items can be squashed and battered by the time one reaches home.

How can one bag groceries so they come to no harm during transit from the supermarket to the home?

First if you buying frozen goods during the summer months it might be a good idea to either carry a cool box in the car or buy a cool bag. Cool bags are sold in almost all supermarkets these days and are not terribly dear to buy.

So one has a cool box or cool bag handy and your in the process of pushing the trolley around the store. It might be a good idea to place all the tinned items at one end of the trolley, followed by bottles and frozen goods. Next fruits that cannot be squashed easily like apples, melons and oranges etc.  Lighter goods like bread, cheeses and yogurts should be placed behind these. Last to go in the trolley is soft goods like some breads, tomatoes and especially eggs.

If one has the trolley loaded correctly when you reach the check out you can place the good on the conveyor belt in order that they might be packed. Tinned items can go in one or two bags without damage. The important thing is not to overweight the bag. Bottles can be carried back to the car lose in the trolley or again packed in a couple of bags.

The frozen goods can go straight into the cool bag or carried lose in the trolley to be placed directly into a cool box in the car. Next pack the heaviest items like cheese and fruit into a bag. If there is space at the top of the bag you might consider filling it with a light item like a loaf of bread. Vegetables like tomatoes will need to be packed with other light items.

Always put bleaches, washing powders and the like in their own bag away from food in case of leakage.

If you have purchased eggs make sure you know which bag they are in so it can be handled gently back to the car.  Lastly when you return to the car, remember if you have a cool box, to plug it to the cigar lighter socket. This is in order to keep your frozen items in good condition until you reach home.

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