To Bulk or not to Bulk that is the Question

Buying in bulk can mean big savings if you approach it the right way. While bulk goods are not less expensive than single-packaged goods, they can be a better value in the long run, depending on your family’s needs.

Do your research

Before you buy anything in bulk, know what the regular price is. In the case of household items and groceries, it is important to know the per-unit price. It is never safe to assume that a 10-pack is more economical than a single serving.

If you have a smart phone, it is easy to keep a running list the unit prices for items you buy regularly. In order to really save on bulk buying, you need to be a frequent user of the item. If you end up keeping the item around for several years, you are just tying up your money needlessly.

Less driving around

If you buy at least some of your household items in bulk, you won’t have to shop as often and can save money on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Saves you time

Shopping can take a lot of time. The more you can purchase in one trip, the more time you’ll save. Your time is valuable and could be put to much better use than shopping.

Use coupons

You don?t need to buy giant sizes to buy in bulk. You can use your coupons at stores such as Walmart and Target to take advantage of store specials. If you have a $1 off coupon on toilet paper and it’s on sale already, you can stockpile up to several months of an item and save a bundle. You can also print out multiple coupons on the Internet to match up with sales, and if the coupon terms allow more than one coupon per product..


If you really want to rack up the savings, purchase generic items in bulk. This combines the inherent savings in buying generic items with the additional bulk savings. In some cases this generates savings of at least 30 percent, or more.

When buying any item in bulk, whether food, household items or even clothing, be sure that you will actually use the amount that you’re buying, or the resulting waste will negate any savings.  An item is not cheaper if you don?t use t or if it goes out of style before you can use it.

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