Vegetarian or Carnivore which is right

It started out innocently enough. Some humans started petting Betsy the Cow and before long they stopped grilling her up for burgers. The idea of grilling Betsy for supper became unheard of among this new breed of humans. They even gave themselves a name.. Vegetarian.

Vegetarians sprung up across the country. Soon they were everywhere, even next door potentially. As time moved along, they soon were not hiding any longer, but would proudly tell the world they were of the Vegetarian persuasion.

You could spot one at a grocery store simply by looking into their shopping cart. Their carts showed no sign of Betsy the Cow or any of her friends such as Oinky the Pig. The carts would be loaded with all sorts of greenery items, from fresh green plants to frozen veggies to seeds to make new green plant babies, all meant to be consumed as food by the Vegetarian.

The biggest tragedy of this scenario is that this buying, growing, and eating of plant life was brushed over by the entire country. Until now, few have stood up and said NO MORE to this horrible taking of plant life. Here is what really happens when a Vegetarian goes to prepare a meal of plants meant for their consumption. WARNING: THIS IS GRAPHIC and may not be suitable for anyone to read.

The Vegetarian sneaks up unsuspectingly on the innocent Little Green Plant. It stands to reason that the Vegetarian does this to keep from frightening the Little Green Plant. Otherwise, the Little Green Plant would be scared and wilt away immediately. So to keep this from happening, the Vegetarian will talk sweet and lovingly to the unsuspecting Little Green Plant, so that it will remain robust and full of life and color, having no idea that the Vegetarian is preparing it for its death by lethal cooking.

When the Vegetarian deems that the Little Green Plant is fit for a meal, the Vegetarian goes to the Little Green Plant and eyes it with hungry eyes. The Little Green Plant, having been accustomed to the Vegetarian being nice to it, has no reason to be alarmed and allowed the Vegetarian to pick it up. At this point, the Vegetarian puts the Little Green Plant into a pan or pot on the stove and turns on the burner. As the Little Green Plant looks up at the Vegetarian, it wonders why is the Vegetarian doing this to it. It has no way to escape the pot and begins to scream as the Vegetarian looks on in anticipation of a meal.

The death of the Little Green Plant is overlooked, as the Vegetarian dines on its poor little self. No one came to rescue the Little Green Plant. No one stood up and said NO MORE to the death of Little Green Plants. When does it end!
The inhumane treatment of plant life in this country must stop. The idea of torturing a poor plant, all for the enjoyment of eating, is beyond inhumane. Meat lovers of the world must unite to save the offspring of the Little Green Plant.

The time has come for Betsy to be flipped on the grill. Grab the buns, the cheese, the lettuce, the spinach, the bananas…dinner is ready.

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