Which is better Coke or Pepsi

Everyone who drinks soft drinks will know that there are two major players in the cola market at the moment, namely Coke and Pepsi. Between them they hold a massive majority of the soft drinks industry and are both available globally. Their respective popularity have both fluctuated over the years and they have constantly been in competition for the biggest market share of the industry. So much so that when you go to fast food or cinema chains you will usually see one or the other but never both. This is because either company makes the companies they supply to sign exclusivity deals to ensure that their rivals aren’t allowed to compete with them. The exception being supermarkets, who are too large and powerful to be dictated to.

Personally i very slightly prefer Pepsi to coke, although i will drink either, and they are very similar. To describe the tastes i would say coke tastes sharper, and Pepsi sweeter. In fact my preference is marginal enough that i will usually just buy whatever is on offer n the store where i go, as usually one or the other is on sale. There are some people however who claim that they love one of the drinks and hate the other, which seems strange seen as they are so similar. I think a lot of people are similar to me in that the aren’t that bothered which they drink and will fluctuate between buying Pepsi and coke.

In the United Kingdom coke is the bigger brand, although Pepsi is available in all supermarkets and most shops. Strangely enough in most of the place i have visited in the United States, Pepsi seems to be a lot more popular. There are often a lot more Pepsi products available than coke, even though coke has the larger market share and is supposedly more popular. The difference between the two probably coming from corporate deals such as coke’s with Mcdonalds.

Other then the availability of either in certain chains, there really is very little between them. They look the same, are the same price and are sold in the same amounts. Pepsi is made from kola nuts and coke is made from prunes, neither of which many people eat by themselves, meaning there are no real comparisons to be drawn there. As for the other products that the respective companies make, there is quite a lot of variation. Pepsi own Lipton’s ice tea, mountain dew, sierra mist, Lays and Doritos. Coke on the other hand produce Fanta and Sprite, and have many sponsorship deals, such as the long running deal with the English premier league (soccer). So in terms of their overall companies they are fairly similar as well.

Overall at the moment coke have a slight edge in market share over Pepsi, due largely to the fact that coke is more popular in most parts of the united states. However this is only ever one advertising campaign from being reversed, so it looks like these two giants will be locked in their battle for a good while yet. As for which is the best it wold be hard to say for sure, although Pepsi has overall been more popular over the course of the two drinks being in competition, even though it isn’t at the moment. There was also famously a campaign by Pepsi where they conducted blind taste tests on the public, the majority of which seemed to prefer the taste of Pepsi to coke.