Identifying The Breed

Dog lovers are preoccupied with the different dog breeds the same way that the fashion conscious are fixated with name brands. The value of the dogs depends on its breeds and the dogs considered as purebreds are on top of the list.

Generally, dog breeds were incorporated to give distinctive characteristics to certain classifications, thus, resulting to a substantial number of varieties.

However, people who breed dogs often find it hard to detect the specific characteristic of the resulting species. Some pups in breeding farms will be born with little similarities with their parents.

It is not enough that a puppy is produced from a recognized breed, but it must also show the same set of characteristic traits and appearance of its parents. If purebreds like black haired Retrievers are mated, its puppies are supposed to be similarly black coated.

However, there are instances that retrievers produce puppies that have yellow coats. Hence, cases like this are not considered by the known Kennel clubs. The breeders sometimes choose to euthanize the flawed puppies to prevent their proliferation and to preserve the purity of the officially recognized breed.

This particular issue has long been debated by many dog experts and scientists because of the fact that there are certain instances wherein genetic consequences may intervene.

It is also contended that dog breeds are not based on specific scientific fact and even DNA testing cannot identify nor establish the specific dog breeds. So, the chances of getting a purebred dog are not that common.

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How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs cause much discomfort to many people and are painful & irritating. Getting rid of ingrown hair can be carried out in a number of ways on depending on skin and hair types. Some hair removal methods  if not done properly may cause more ingrown hairs and worsen it.  It’s best to experiment with different types of hair removal, to see which ones work for you.

Common Methods

1. Laser Hair  Removal – uses laser light to destroy the hair follicles, preventing re-growth. Hair removal lasers are effective treatment for pseudofolliculitis barbae (commonly called ingrown hairs or “shaving bumps”). If this procedure is successful, ingrown hairs will be eliminated.

2. Ingrown Hair Solutions or Gel –  Tend Skin and PFB Vanish are  two of  the top ingrown hair treatment solutions for   treating and removing ingrown hairs.

3. Using Tweezers – Sometimes ingrown hairs are not visible and largely under the skin. Most people try to remove these ingrown hairs  but at the same time  they break the skin and this in turn cause more skin irritation. To minimise skin breakage and make ingrown hairs visible, press a hot towel to against the area to soften the skin for several minutes. This helps to bring as much hair to skin surface as possible.  Use sterilized tweezers to gently pluck them out, then treating them with peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Keep skin clean and dry, and they should not return.  Tweezers or needles, gently applied, are how to get rid of ingrown hairs the proper way.

Once you know how to get rid of ingrown hairs, you won’t be trouble by this very common problem again.

How to Clean Your Fridge

If you have bad odours in your kitchen, then you probably should clean your fridge. Cleaning the fridge is an important task that people should do both to preserve the good look of their kitchens and prevent bad odours. However, how exactly this household chore should be done?!

If you are wondering what is required to make your refrigerator clean, then ask the cleaning professionals. If you have no idea how to contact them, then you just can read the next lines where the experts have shared their professional advice.

1. Switch off your fridge from the power source first. Then you should let it cool down for an hour or two. To speed up the process just leave the door open. While you are waiting, you have to remove the food from the fridge and store it on a cool place. Get rid of the expired food and the one you will not eat.

2. Continue by removing the racks, drawers and other parts from the inside. Place them in the kitchen sink to wash them. For the last one, use a solution of hot water and some dish-washing liquid. Clean the inside of your fridge with a rag dampened with soapy water. Rinse the rag well after every wipe. Avoid using any chemical solutions. Pay special attention to the hidden parts of your fridge.

3. Cleaning professionals advise to prepare a solution of 2 cups white vinegar and 2-3 litres water. Use the solution to wipe the interior of your fridge again. The white vinegar will not only neutralize the bad odours, but will kill all the germs and bacteria, as well.

In the above the professionals told you how to begin the cleaning of your fridge. And in the text below you will understand how this procedure ends.

4. To remove the bad odours, coming from your fridge, cleaning professionals recommend using a mixture of 1 quart warm water and 2 tablespoons baking soda. Use the solution to clean the interior of your fridge. Then rinse well with clean water. For the purpose you can also place a box of baking soda in the fridge to neutralize the nasty smells.

5. The next step that you should also take includes the cleaning of your freezer. Remove the shelves first, then wipe the interior with some natural detergent and a clean cloth. To defrost the freezer quickly, just place a bowl with hot water in it. Another trick that you can also use for the purpose is to try defrost your freezer with a hair dryer. Do not ever scrape the ice in your freezer with a sharp object as you can cause some irreparable damages. It would be good to place a large bowl under the freezer to collect the drips. Use these tips only if you are completely sure that they are safe.

6. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and detergent. Put the clean racks and shelves in the fridge. Then you can replace the food where it belongs.

7. If the exterior of your fridge is very dirty, cleaning professionals recommend using a solution of warm water and white vinegar to make it shine. Do not forget to clean the area under the fridge, too.

Starbucks to Compete with Nestle and Green Mountain

Starbucks has announced the company plans to sell a single-serve coffer maker. The name of the machine is the Verismo™ System, and the coffee giant indicates consumers can use this machine to recreate the Starbucks experience.

With this new product, consumers can make single-cup servings of Starbucks® Caffé Lattes, espresso, and brewed coffee from the comforts of home.

“Starbucks is passionate about coffee and passionate about innovation,” says Jeff Hansberry, Starbucks president, Channel Development in a company press release  . “We are entering a highly dynamic and burgeoning market at a premium position, and we will win on quality and technology.”

The machine has made its debut this week, and is available on, however, the coffeemaker won’t be available in brick and mortar stores for another few weeks. The company said in October it plans to sell the product in participating Starbucks stores and “select high-end specialty” stores, although the company did not share which stores the coffeemaker would be available at for purchase.

It comes in a variety of colors including black, silver, burgundy and champagne. There will be two different models, the higher-end version will have additional features. The coffeemaker is priced between $199 – $399, depending on which version is purchased.

“For more than 41 years, we have been committed to bringing exceptional coffee and espresso beverages to our customers,” says Howard Schultz, Starbucks chairman, president and CEO, in a press release  . “We are applying that passion and commitment, once again, to the fastest growing segment of the coffee market, the multi-billion-dollar premium single cup segment, with the introduction of a breakthrough at-home Starbucks® coffee experience that is second to none. What we are bringing to market today has been impossible until now.”

With this debut, Starbucks is creating competition in the market for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc and Nestle SA, two companies that currently dominate the single-cup coffee market. According to Reuters (courtesy of Chicago Tribune  ), Green Mountain’s Keurig machine maintains a healthy 75 percent of the U.S. market, while Nestle SA enjoys a 35 percent global market share. How the new Starbucks machine will impact this market remains to be seen.

Over the past two years, Starbucks has made significant strides to stretch beyond selling its popular coffees. To date the company has opened a juice bar, specialty tea store, and is selling wine and beer in some select markets. Another recent announcement shared by the coffee giant is the company is piloting   recycling old coffee grinds and stale muffins into other products, such as laundry detergent.

Is Mountain Dew Addictive

Enjoyable, yes absolutely, Mountain Dew is an awesome drink, but taste and preference does not create an addiction.  Unless you specifically buy “caffeine free” Mountain Dew, it does contain caffeine which is an addictive substance.  But for Mountain Dew to be “addictive” would confuse the issue of chemical dependence versus delivery system.  Like a delivery truck, a delivery system is simply the substance that contains a driver (in this case caffeine) that follows a road into the body.

If a delivery truck were in an accident would we blame the truck or the truck driver for that accident? Naturally, barring some massive mechanical failure, it is the fault of the driver for causing an accident.  That is why we get angry with, not the company that makes the truck, the tire company for letting the truck roll, or the gas station where the fuel was purchased that operates the engine.  A truck without a driver, and again barring some massive mechanical failure, would not cause an accident.  The driver is added to the truck and changes a harmless piece of machinery into a powerful object.  The same can be said for the addictive chemicals added to otherwise innocuous substances.  Caffeine is the driver that is added to the vehicle called Mountain Dew.  Yes, caffeine is addictive, but Mountain Dew is not.

Looking at addiction, it is dependence and desire for a chemical, and that chemical is obtained through some form of a delivery system. Are heroin addicts addicted to needles? Are crack addicts addicted to glass pipes?  The answer in each of these cases is no, the delivery system is not the source of the addiction.  The chemicals that are obtained through those delivery systems are the source of the addiction.  The delivery system is just the method for getting those chemicals into the body, and although we can argue that those chemicals should not be used, the fact remains that they are, that people enjoy using them, and they will continue using those delivery systems to get that chemical.  The difference here is taste and preference, in addition to other market factors, that can shape the delivery system someone uses. 

People have addictions, some of them since childhood in the case of caffeine.  While many people drink Mountain Dew, there are others who drink Coke, Dr. Pepper, or one of the various and plentiful other caffeinated beverages.  The results are the same; the choice of beverage is just a matter of taste and preference in how they receive their caffeine.  It’s the same as a heroin addict who uses clean needles each time, one that reuses needles, or shares needles, or has found a way besides injection to get the chemical that they are dependent upon.  In the end the result is the same with whatever delivery system a person chooses.  Just because someone has a taste and preference for a flavor in that delivery system, does not mean that that delivery system is therefore addictive.

H2O2 Therapy, Lyme’s Disease, and an Inspirational Story

When you’re in the business of selling H2O2 which is hydrogen peroxide for whitening teeth and alternative medicine, you begin to hear the same stories of people who have recently discovered food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy and are using it to change their lives. However, every once in a while I hear a story and I just can’t help but be overwhelmed with emotions, coming to terms with how real everything we’re doing is and how much of an impact using H2O2 therapy has on some peoples’ lives.

Just the other day I was in my favorite alternative health doctor’s office, sitting in one of the four big comfy black leather chairs in the lobby having my 3% H202 solution inserted into my arm (which may end up being a whole new blog post in itself). A surprisingly healthy looking lady(unlike a normal doctors office where everyone is sick and miserable, people at this kind of office actually look happy and healthy) sitting across from me, eventually let curiosity get the best of her and asked me “What was in your IV bag and how long have you been coming here?”.

“Hydrogen Peroxide!” I happily replied, “This is only my second treatment, but I’ve been coming here for about 3 months”. Before I could continue on about the H202 therapy, she began to tell me her story. Although everyone who has changed their lives with Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy loves to share their story and spread the word, I believe she was specifically trying to give me words of encouragement.

“I’ve had Lyme’s disease for over 15 years. I have been very sick; a few years back a Lyme’s disease specialist put me on IV antibiotics for over a year. This made me very overweight, sick, and eventually I was even too sick to continue the treatment… and I still had Lyme’s disease! For a short time after I saw an alternative practitioner but it was not a perfect match and stopped seeing him. About two months ago I was at my all time low. I was tired, sick and didn’t even want to continue living. I had an incurable virus so what was the point?” By this time, I was incredibly shocked by her story considering how healthy and normal she looked now, you would have never guessed it was only just two months ago it happened.

“Then, I had visited a health food store in Lapeer” she continued, “and met this amazing gentleman named L.B. We had begun talking about my condition and I pretty much just broke down. I told him exactly what I’m telling you, that I did not want to live any more. L.B. insisted that I go see his alternative practitioner Dr Megan Strauchman. He had said that Dr. Strauchman had saved his life and he HIGHLY recommended her to me. Just look at me now!” Sue says enthusiastically. “I’ve only been coming here for 6 weeks and I feel like I have a new lease on life. I’m starting to feel like my old self”. Sue then reassured me that I was in good hands with Dr Strauchman.

Ironically, she also proceeded to tell me about this remarkable health food store in Lapeer and the educated staff that they had. “If it weren’t for them… I wouldn’t be here and be getting well; I really don’t know what I would have done.” I politely listen to Sue until she stopped talking, commending her on he determination not to give up. I told her my honest opinion, that I didn’t see a sick, overweight, or unhealthy person at all! I saw a beautiful, healthy woman. She was truly an inspiration.

After she had finished her story, I couldn’t help but introducing myself. “I’m Rebekah from Rebekah’s Health and Nutrition Source of Lapeer.” What I happened next, however, would be something I’ll probably never forget for the rest of my life. Tears came out and bonding took place. I am truly thankful for this experience. Sue encouraged me all right, more then she realized. Once again I am assured I have found my path in life. I will continue to do what I feel is right. I have taken the oath to provide the proper information and the highest quality products so that all people can be happy, healthy and free!

Good health to you and your family!!

Fast Food Chain Reviews Papa Johns

Papa John’s is a franchise-based pizza chain that purports to have over 3,000 restaurants around the world.  They are led by their enthusiastic and commercial-starring founder, “Papa” John Schnatter.  The pizza provider is really not a sit-down restaurant, but instead distributes their menu through delivery and carry-out.  Major competitors to Papa John’s would include pizza providers such as Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Little Caesar’s, all of whom provide relatively low-cost pizza delivery services to the general public.  Here are a few details on the strengths, weaknesses, and offerings of Papa John’s Pizza.

Main offerings

The Papa John’s menu is fairly similar to other pizza establishments.  Customers can order various sizes and customize their pizza with different meats and other toppings.  Papa’s John’s has a regular and a thin crust, and people can split their toppings between sides of the pizza if they wish.  As with other pizza establishments that have begun to expand their menu, Papa John’s also offers wings, chicken, strips, breadsticks, salads, beverages, and dessert pizzas.  The Papa John’s menu does not tend to be the cheapest, but it is also not the most expensive.  There are typically online or coupon “specials” that customers can use on a regular basis.  

Sides and unique traits

Papa John’s does add a couple of unique twists to their pizza.  Each pizza is typically delivered with few pepperoncini’s in the box, which can be put on the pizza or just eaten.  In addition, the box will usually come with two small tubs of liquid garlic butter.  Some people will drizzle this over the pizza slices, while other people will dip their pizza crusts into the butter.  This is not necessarily the most healthy strategy, but it is rather tasty. 

Access and comparisons 

Overall, Papa John’s is a quality establishment that makes a respectable pizza.  The company advertises with a slogan of “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” though pizza of this type often comes down to personal preferences.  Some people are loyal to the taste of certain pizza delivery restaurants.  Papa John’s is also similar to other chain establishments in that customers can order their pizza online and have it delivered straight to their door.  If people are looking for a good delivery pizza, Papa John’s is certainly an option to consider.   

The Two Ways Of Moving Out!

Rental agreements are temporary. It can be for the period of one week or five years. Most tenants at some point move out. Sometimes the relocation is voluntary because the renter wants a bigger property and sometimes the moving out is forced by the landlord who has decided not to continue the lease or to even evict his tenants.  In this article we will list the different scenarios that can cause the moving out.

–    Voluntary moving out- when a tenant decides to end the tenancy he must inform his current landlord. If the rental lease has no specific termination date, the lease gets continued automatically until one of both parties ends the lease. The notification should be done at least 30 days before the moving out. This is in case no specific notification period is mentioned in the rental contract. None of the parties are obligated to give an explanation on why they want their lease to be terminated, the only thing they are obligated to do is to notify each other via written in writing. If a tenant moves out without properly contacting the landlord, the tenant may be held liable and may be forced to pay rent and compensations to the landlord.
–    Eviction- this process takes place when the tenant fails to move out even if he has received a notice requesting him to do so. The landlord has the right to evict the renter. The landlord has also the right to evict a tenant if the tenant is damaging the property, bothering the neighbors and not honoring his financial responsibilities. To evict a tenant the landlord must file a lawsuit and prove his case in front of a judge. After the trial has ended the tenant will be given a short period of time to vacant the property, if he does not comply with the ruled decision the local authorities have the right to evict him by force and even arrest him.

It does not matter if the moving out is voluntary or by eviction, still the tenant is obliged to conduct a final cleaning before leaving the property. He can do the cleaning himself or use the services of professional cleaners East Finchley based. If the renter has not cleaned the rental apartment before moving out, the landlord has to right to deduct the costs for the cleaning from the security deposit. Many companies that offer end of tenancy cleaning East Finchley based, are willing to give the necessary documents to the landlord if the landlord feels that the tenant can file a claim for wrongful deduction of the deposit.

Papa Johns Pizza Pizza best Pizza

The second best pizza I have had

Thanks to the economical recession my local estate agent closed door 2 years ago and left an empty shop for long time. Last March finally a new business took over it and gladly it’s one branch of Papa John’s.

What is Papa John’s:

Papa John’s is the third largest Louisville, Kentucky. With the slogan “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza” it has spread 3300 establishments in over 30 countries including the USA and the UK.

How to order it:

Similar to many pizza chains you can order online via their website, over the phone from their menu or go to the shop to personally order. Their website is easily navigated. You just type in your post code then you will find the nearest one. From the online menu you can simply choose what products you would like. Once you pay your order via debit or credit card Papa John’s will  deliver to your door within 30 minutes of your order being placed. Ordering via phone is just as similar as on line. At the shop in general you need to wait for 15 minutes at most for your order given the popularity.

What’s the choice?

At Papa John’s you have great variety of pizzas and accompaniments to choose at reasonable prices. There are four crust choices: 6 slices, 8 slices, 10 slices and 12 slices, on which you can create your own pizza or order from Papa’s classics, Papa’s favourites and  Papa’s finest. No matter you are a vegetarian or spicy food lover you can always find one. Last but not least if you can’t decide which one you are happy with or you want to try more you can order two different half pizzas in a go. You also have thin base or deep pan base to choose depending on your pizza size. There are a number of side orders that you can have with your pizza such as Garlic Pizza Bread, Cheesy Jalapeno, Bites Chicken Dippers, BBQ Chicken Wings, etc.

My first experience:

Admittedly I love pizza very much and have tried many different pizzas, such as Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, supermarket brands and local pizzas, but it’s my first time to know Papa John’s when the new one was opened around my area. When I saw the shop design and the name I didn’t have any interest in it to be honest. They were not remarkable to my taste, in opposite they looked very country with green and red colours in a board. However when I received their leaflet at my home and knew they are having ‘buy one get one free’ promotion for two months, I decided to give it a whirl. So after a couple of opening days I popped into my local Papa John’s.

It was a dinner time and they were quite busy. There were two staff in front of a short counter, one was answering the phone orders, the other one was dealing with customers in person. The shop was clean, bright but not big. There were a few customers waiting for their orders. I noticed the staff dealing with customers was very friendly and talkative, who introduced customers to their products clearly and efficiently, but other staff obviously were inexperienced with their works in some ways. Consequently waiting for 40 minutes I finally took my pizza home. 

The pizzas themselves by all means were very tasty. The base were soft with the natural toasted taste of whole grain. The toppings looked  very fresh and eye appealing. I had one named All THE MEATS and one named PAPA’s PEPPERONI PLUS in the range of Papa’s favourites. The All THE MEATS one was really meaty with ham, pepperoni, sausage, bacon and spicy beef in a perfect combination; the PAPA’s PEPPERONI PLUS one had very qualified pepperoni, mushrooms and onions. I was really impressed by the great authentic taste of pepperoni. It’s the first time I felt pepperoni is a fine food, rather than an ordinary sausage. However the dips I chose for my pizzas were really disappointing. They had a very strange smells and tastes mixing garlic and sour cream. Luckily the pizzas were tasty enough without them.

My opinions:

Before I wrote a review about Domino’s pizza, in which I said I’m a Domino’s fan. To me Domino’s makes the best pizza in the world. However after tasting Papa John’s now I’m not very sure with my previous statement. If there must be a champion I would still vote Domino’s, but Papa John’s would be the second one, with a little distance from the best. To me they both are tasty, fresh and healthy, but Domino’s base is more chewing and less stodgy.

Since the new Papa John’s opened I have visited it quite regularly. Because there are so many options for me to have, and their offers are really generous. Not like Domino’s , in which you can just have ‘buy one get one free’ offer on Tuesday, at Papa John’s you can have the offer every day, at least it seems like that so far. Their pizzas are priced similarly with Domino’s and my local pizza shop, but the flexible offers and wide options made it in advantage to grab my attention, especially on Thursday and Friday, which usually are my take away days. Incidentally after a few weeks running their staff are more skilled and their service is provided more efficiently.

So I would definitely recommend Papa John’s  to anyone who like pizza because it is a freshly made, tasty and healthy take away food.

Venison Recipes Meat Pie Wild Game Recipes Christmas Meat Pie Easy Dinner Recipes

After a co-worker at my husband’s office gave him a half dozen packages of ground venison, I had to figure out a way to prepare the meat that would appeal not only to my husband and I, but our two finicky children. I had heard that mixing ground beef or pork with venison disguised the “wild” flavor (whatever that is) so I decided to revamp an old family recipe by slyly making a few substitutions during the preparation. The recipe calls for one pound of ground beef and one pound of ground pork, so I simply swapped venison for the beef and – voila! I came up with a dinner hit! 

This recipe is called “Christmas Meat Pie” but it’s welcome at our table any time, particularly during the chilly fall and winter months. Served with a lettuce salad or string beans, it’s a delicious, well-balanced meal (and it reheats well for leftovers later!)

 Christmas Meat Pie 

1 pound ground pork

1 pound ground venison

3 cups water

1 large onion, chopped

1 medium carrot, sliced thin

2 tablespoons beef gravy mix

2 teaspoons dried thyme

2 teaspoons ground mustard

3 garlic cloves, minced (or sub 1-2 teaspoons powdered garlic)

1 teaspoon rubbed sage

1 teaspoon pepper

½ teaspoon salt

3 cups hot mashed potatoes (prepared without butter or milk)

2 prepared pie crusts (such as the Pilsbury pie crusts in the red box)


In a large skillet, cook pork and venison over medium heat until the meat is no longer pink. Drain. Add water, onions, carrots, gravy mix, thyme, mustard, garlic, sage, pepper, and salt. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, for 1/2 hour or until vegetables are tender stirring occasionally. Drain. Stir in potatoes. 

Line a 9-inch deep dish pie plate with 1 pastry. Add meat mixture. Place second pastry on top of pie, folding and pressing edge so it is even with top of pie plate. Press edges of pie crust all the way around with fork to seal closed. Brush pastry with milk. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minute, then reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake 35-40 minutes longer or until golden brown. Yields 6-8 servings.

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