Asian erotic massage can genuinely improve your health and wellbeing in many ways – here’s how!

An Asian erotic massage – in this case specifically the so called “Nuru” – is a unique procedure of Japanese origin, consisting of a close contact of two naked bodies, which are covered in a special slippery gel (the word nuru actually means slippery). The point is to stimulate the sexual sensation without a direct sexual intercourse, and the procedure yields remarkable results in this regard, with some people even finding it better than an actual sex! But positive impact of this massage goes far beyond erotic pleasure, and includes for example

  •   Mood improvement and stress relief
  •   Sexual self-discovery
  •   Skin quality improvement
  •   Improved blood circulation and toxin disposal

An Asian erotic massage can be a real stress killer

Similarly to many other massages, nuru is a highly relaxing therapy that facilitates the release of multiple feel-good hormones into your brain, resulting in an elated mood and persisting feelings of happiness and love which contribute to improving your mental health. Once a mix of oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins starts co course through your veins, your worries, anxieties and bad mood will quickly dissipate. Stress is widespread, responsible for countless adverse health effects, and mitigating it should be everyone’s priority. Nuru can do this better than most other methods proposed to combat stress, thanks to its combined sexual and physiotherapeutic powers.

 It allows you to safely explore your sexual boundaries

And that’s not something your standard Swedish rubdown would allow for. Nuru is beautiful in that it opens up a whole new realm of pleasure which doesn’t cross the territory of direct sex, but can provide a sensation which is at least as powerful, if not more so. This may sound as a surprise, but erotic sensation and delight is not necessarily tied to intimate parts only and the right touch at the right place can elicit pleasure you never thought was possible. If you keep an open mind, the masseuse can introduce you to plentiful new techniques that might come in handy in the future! Nuru provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the nature of sensuality and to explore your body and its potential – and that’s something worth trying!

Your skin will definitely appreciate it

It’s not just the muscles and the erogenous zones that will get their due during this procedure, it’s the skin as well! That’s thanks to the unique properties of the special nuru gel, which is made out of an edible Nori seaweed (as well as other natural extracts) and which has multiple positive impacts in and of itself. It moisturises, smoothens and thoroughly cleans the skin of impurities. Furthermore, it’s also very easily washable with water, unlike many massaging oils which tend to stick to the skin afterwards and create an unpleasant feeling.

Nuru increases blood circulation, which has multiple assorted effects

Of course, nuru is not the only massage that can do this, but it’s worth mentioning nevertheless. As your tense muscles get unknotted, expect the blood to course through your body free and unobstructed, which results in a wide array of additional effects. The cells in your body will be nourished much faster, which will facilitate their heightened activity and hasten the rate at which they rid themselves of toxins. As a result, you will feel physically better and your immune system will get a boost. For an increased effect, it’s also advised to drink plenty of water after your rubdown is over, to help with flushing the toxins out!

By now, you should have a clearer idea that the impacts of the nuru massage can far transcend the immediate sensual relief and can in fact greatly help in improving your overall health!

Do you think Asian massages like nuru should be more incorporated into the mainstream medicine, given their healing properties? Or are you less convinced about their merits and view them more in terms of “cheap” pleasure? What’s your stance on this issue? Discuss below!

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