How to Clean Your Fridge

If you have bad odours in your kitchen, then you probably should clean your fridge. Cleaning the fridge is an important task that people should do both to preserve the good look of their kitchens and prevent bad odours. However, how exactly this household chore should be done?!

If you are wondering what is required to make your refrigerator clean, then ask the cleaning professionals. If you have no idea how to contact them, then you just can read the next lines where the experts have shared their professional advice.

1. Switch off your fridge from the power source first. Then you should let it cool down for an hour or two. To speed up the process just leave the door open. While you are waiting, you have to remove the food from the fridge and store it on a cool place. Get rid of the expired food and the one you will not eat.

2. Continue by removing the racks, drawers and other parts from the inside. Place them in the kitchen sink to wash them. For the last one, use a solution of hot water and some dish-washing liquid. Clean the inside of your fridge with a rag dampened with soapy water. Rinse the rag well after every wipe. Avoid using any chemical solutions. Pay special attention to the hidden parts of your fridge.

3. Cleaning professionals advise to prepare a solution of 2 cups white vinegar and 2-3 litres water. Use the solution to wipe the interior of your fridge again. The white vinegar will not only neutralize the bad odours, but will kill all the germs and bacteria, as well.

In the above the professionals told you how to begin the cleaning of your fridge. And in the text below you will understand how this procedure ends.

4. To remove the bad odours, coming from your fridge, cleaning professionals recommend using a mixture of 1 quart warm water and 2 tablespoons baking soda. Use the solution to clean the interior of your fridge. Then rinse well with clean water. For the purpose you can also place a box of baking soda in the fridge to neutralize the nasty smells.

5. The next step that you should also take includes the cleaning of your freezer. Remove the shelves first, then wipe the interior with some natural detergent and a clean cloth. To defrost the freezer quickly, just place a bowl with hot water in it. Another trick that you can also use for the purpose is to try defrost your freezer with a hair dryer. Do not ever scrape the ice in your freezer with a sharp object as you can cause some irreparable damages. It would be good to place a large bowl under the freezer to collect the drips. Use these tips only if you are completely sure that they are safe.

6. Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and detergent. Put the clean racks and shelves in the fridge. Then you can replace the food where it belongs.

7. If the exterior of your fridge is very dirty, cleaning professionals recommend using a solution of warm water and white vinegar to make it shine. Do not forget to clean the area under the fridge, too.

The Two Ways Of Moving Out!

Rental agreements are temporary. It can be for the period of one week or five years. Most tenants at some point move out. Sometimes the relocation is voluntary because the renter wants a bigger property and sometimes the moving out is forced by the landlord who has decided not to continue the lease or to even evict his tenants.  In this article we will list the different scenarios that can cause the moving out.

–    Voluntary moving out- when a tenant decides to end the tenancy he must inform his current landlord. If the rental lease has no specific termination date, the lease gets continued automatically until one of both parties ends the lease. The notification should be done at least 30 days before the moving out. This is in case no specific notification period is mentioned in the rental contract. None of the parties are obligated to give an explanation on why they want their lease to be terminated, the only thing they are obligated to do is to notify each other via written in writing. If a tenant moves out without properly contacting the landlord, the tenant may be held liable and may be forced to pay rent and compensations to the landlord.
–    Eviction- this process takes place when the tenant fails to move out even if he has received a notice requesting him to do so. The landlord has the right to evict the renter. The landlord has also the right to evict a tenant if the tenant is damaging the property, bothering the neighbors and not honoring his financial responsibilities. To evict a tenant the landlord must file a lawsuit and prove his case in front of a judge. After the trial has ended the tenant will be given a short period of time to vacant the property, if he does not comply with the ruled decision the local authorities have the right to evict him by force and even arrest him.

It does not matter if the moving out is voluntary or by eviction, still the tenant is obliged to conduct a final cleaning before leaving the property. He can do the cleaning himself or use the services of professional cleaners East Finchley based. If the renter has not cleaned the rental apartment before moving out, the landlord has to right to deduct the costs for the cleaning from the security deposit. Many companies that offer end of tenancy cleaning East Finchley based, are willing to give the necessary documents to the landlord if the landlord feels that the tenant can file a claim for wrongful deduction of the deposit.